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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 13, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>>. >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> arthel: i'm arthel nevil. hospitals across the country struggle to care for thousands of americans coming down with the flu while running low on vaccine doses. >> gregg: and france is now saying that the united states is aiding effort to fight islamic extremists, what it may mean for our military. >> arthel: president obama chosen few, the cabinet nominees that will face congress. we have a fair and balanced debate. >> gregg: we begin this hour with the future of america's gun laws, now the focus of a red hot
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debate. joe biden is getting ready to make had his recommendations to president obama this tuesday on ways to curb gun violence. coming up about month after the school shootings in connecticut, speculation is growing on what he will propose and also the arguments on sunday political talk shows. peter doocy has more on the plan expected to be unveiled this week. is the nra changing their tune on gun control? >> reporter: no, they are not. david keen is still steamed that obama administration is putting emphasis on it. he doesn't think he is tag their concerns seriously. >> we wish instead of talking about guns specifically that they question that they would address what can we do to prevent these kinds of things in the future.
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the evidence shows that an assault weapons ban are not going to do that. what will do it is doing something about a broken mental health system that allows people that potentially violent to be the streets. >> reporter: furthermore, the nra is making it clear they don't think there are enough members of congress that favor an assault weapons ban to pass one. >> gregg: it's quite the face-off. is the nra's position cautioning the gun control advocates to back down at all? >> no, some are wondering out loud how much clout they have in 2013. >> the nra spent a lot of money on the elections last cycle. they didn't have a lot to show for it especially if you look at results. a lot of their candidates lost. we are looking at return on their investment they had a low return on investment. they are very strong lobby. think the issue is who is going
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to remember the voices of the american people in this debate. >> reporter: president obama has said he wants to lay it on some of the proposals his task force gives him in the state of the union address. that task force led by the vice president is going to give president obama their recommendations on tuesday in the state of the union is scheduled for february 12th, one month from yesterday. >> gregg: peter, thanks very much. >> fox news is taking a closer look at the gun control debate with a special hannity airing tonight featuring a studio audience compromised some of the new yorkers who were outed by the journal news for having gun permits. that is at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. >> arthel: growing concerns over the shortages of flu vaccines as sick americans are overcrowding emergency roommates and the cdc says the flu outbreak is reaching epidemic levels with
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new york state declaring a public health emergency. anna has more. >> reporter: this year's strain is nasty. it's particularly bad making people sicker for longer. hospitals around the country have seen spikes in flu related admissions and deaths. nationally public health officials say some places are experiencing shortages and patients are having to wait on shipments coming in. >> yesterday evening, 123 flu vaccines and now we have would than or two left. >> this shows how bad the flu is. it's an epidemic right now. >> reporter: but physicians are urging americans to be persistent because vaccine is still available. now is the time to get the shot. according to the cdc the vaccine is 62% effective in preventing the flu and it takes two weeks to work. nearly 130 million doses of flu
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vaccine have been distributed and so far, at least 112 million have been used. officials say the media has helped raise awareness, but the very young, very old and those were underlying conditions are most at risk, they tend to visit the doctor on more and get their shots during other scheduled visits. >> so i think if you can see looking around, many of the patients are coming in today, not all of them, are younger who heard on the news that healthy people are getting the flu. >> reporter: they caution everyone to wash their hands often. the virus is eald spreod planes and trains and common places like escalators and even the handle at gas pump. >> arthel: i am all over that stuff. i sat down today, i took a alcohol wipe and wiped my computer key down. if i pump gas i use the
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sanitizer. my hands are like wrinkled. >> gregg: let me get this stimulated, you wipe down your computer but you didn't give me one. >> arthel: you were on your own. [ laughter ] wipe it down. >> gregg: she just doesn't care. >> new reports of fuel leak on a dream liner for second time in days. they reported finding the leak in the same aircraft that was discovered to have a leak in boston last week. no word on what is causing these problems. meanwhile, the faa is ordering sweeping inspections of boeing 787 after several resident incidents. the boeing is allegedly most technologically advanced airliner. they say friday the 787 is safe to fly. >> arthel: french if official now saying the u.s. is heading france with the operation in mali aimedting islamic
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extremists. the foreign minimum stir says the u.s. is providing communications and transportation help. u.s. officials say they also offered to send drones to the african nation. meanwhile, the french military is claiming new success after launching air strikes on at least four northern towns including major city where they targeted training camps used by the al-qaeda linked rebel group controlling the city. >> gregg: a major development out of egypt as they order a retile of hosni mubarak. he was convicted of killing hundreds of protestors that ended in regime. the ruling coming two years after his downfall with egypt still mired in political turmoil. coner powell has more on the story. >> reporter: there were loud cries of joy and celebration in the courtroom as the judge issued his acquittal notice.
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members and supporters of the mubarak government were happy to see this outcome believing that this was the due justice that the former president deserves and they were heard scream, long live justice. defense lawyers argued that mubarak didn't know about the killings and he didn't direct the killings on protestors two years ago. the judge agreed that mubarak and former chief of security will be re-tried along with several others who were part of the government that were acquitted during the first trial. as of now, there has not been a trial set but mubarak remains in jail temporarily and facing charges of corruption. it was reported that he was on deathbed and health dleipg. there were reports he had fallen and broken ribs but we don't know what health he is right now. it is apparently declining. over the last two years we've seen a lot of turmoil and violence and a lot of chaos in egypt and across egypt.
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whether or not this will trigger new rounds of protests isn't clear, but certainly illicit do little to help stabilize this country going forward. >> gregg: thank you. >> arthel: it's been three years since the devastating earthquake hit the island of haiti killing more than 300,000 people. our own greta van susteren traveled to haiti shortly after the quake and tonight she is taking a look back at her time there and how the people are doing now. >> this is your new home. ♪ >> take a look behind me. this was absolutely nothing two years ago. because of the work, contributions by many of you, receive grand graham they have a making of any sent facility
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here. they have everything here. ♪ ♪ >> arthel: it is on the record special with greta van susteren, airing at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. the name of school is greta home no coincidence, its contribution from greta van susteren. >> gregg: good to know. the west coast is seeing temperatures well above average this weekend and people are washington state taking full advantage, trucking in snow for a massive snowball fight. in fact the largest in the world. 6,000 people showing up yesterday and they set a new
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guiness world record. maria molina is live. >> i wish we had a little snow in new york city. we've been enjoying temperatures well above average and not feeling like winter. we saw temperatures across the northeast in the 40s and 50s for some of us. that warm weather is going to be coming to an end very shortly. we have a strong cold front off to the west bringing heavy rain in portions of ohio valley down to mississippi and down to louisiana producing flooding out here with as much as five inches or more of rain being recorded in some areas. very heavy with some of these storms. taking a closer look, right now, down through mississippi and parts of western tennessee and up to kentucky and ohio, will be moving into the northeast. as far as flood warnings, portions in louisiana. red is flash flood warnings and we do have flooding going on. if you doing traveling in parts
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of the northeastern louisiana and mississippi, please be careful and do not drive through flooded roadways. we do have flooded roadways across western parts of kentucky and northern parts of ohio. how much more additional rainfall are we talking about? look at the shades in yellow and orange, still four inches expected because what this front is going to be spreading light rain in portions and in through tomorrow morning. keep that in mind for monday morning commute. it will stay stalled in places like mississippi, tennessee, virginia and north carolina. so you'll be dealing with it next several days coming up this workweek. we have a stretch across portions of the southeast. on western side of the storm system, very cold across northern plains, 8 degrees in minneapolis, 19 at rapid city and that cold air is here to
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stay. get used to it. you'll need the jackets next several days because it will bottled up across the northern plains. right now in denver, 10. that warm air we have been enjoying in the northeast coming to an end. tomorrow still not noticeable in places like new york city but cleveland, only 28 degrees so cold air is going eastward. by the end of next week, cold temperatures in new york city. taking a closer look at places in northern plains, three degrees in minoit and it feels like ten degrees and 14 degrees below. >> folks are going to wish they were in tampa folks in minot. >> and the snowball fight was pretty good. i got a good arm.
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>> gregg: be careful zbloovl new report revealing that college rates will be coming down. why this is happening and likelihood it will continue coming up. >> gregg: and disgraced former illinois governor rod blagojevich, a blago alert popping up billboards in the chicago area. why his wife is now suing the radio station behind the ads. can she really do that? our legal panel will weigh in, straight ahead. >> if she wanted to use rod blagojevich ioj the advertising campaign, they could have called him and gotten a license and we wouldn't be sitting here today. e something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues.
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>>. >> gregg: good news for parents and students looking at their college tuition budge. new report showing that many public universities are cutting the price of tuition in an effort to fight lower enrollment rates due to the bad economy. is this trend going to continue? joining us to talk about it is university maryland economist peter morris se789. half of the declines, why are more young are deciding to forgo
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college education? >> the cost have jumped a lot and the graduates can't find jobs. there is a sense that it doesn't pay out. you get set with a lot of big loans and join the service, learn a trade. go to a community college and skip university all together. >> gregg: president obama wants everybody to go to college? >> it doesn't pay out. most stated universities offer diplomas that don't lead to a marketable skill. there are too many graduates working at starbucks these days. >> gregg: "wall street journal" analyzed this way. take a look at this. facing stagnant family income, shaky job prospects and a smaller pool of high school graduates, more schools are reining in tuition costs. is it possible that some tuition costs may actually go down, or
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we simply talking about slowing the rate of increase? >> i think it's slowing the rate of increase. it's less than 20% of the public and private universities and college nationwide. what happened is the top universities have expanded. they basically snatched the students 6 regional schools, small non-endowed colleges and those folks, freezing tuition and giving discounts. they are up against the wall. big universities have been running up their costs a great deal. they will be hard pressed to cut prices. a lot of. according to the bureau of labor statistics, since 2001 public and private college tuition has increased a staggering 92%. think of that. 92% increase.
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i think one of the main reasons is, what we found in a one our documentary and we spent the better part of a year studying it. we found this -- excessive spending by colleges and universities for things like sports teams and elaborate new construction projects for luxury accommodations and fancier facilities and student perks. ridiculous stuff like climbing walls for hundred people and. you don't need that to go to college, do you? >> absolutely. there is a myth out here we have big time football to raise money for academic programs. penn state makes money but the rest lose money. college presidents have given themselves rather grand salaries and building themselves grand houses. if you want to see what a college tuition money is going, it's not with the faculty or nor it's going into espn 2 and
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college football game day and surroundings of university presidents. you ought to see the staffs they have. >> gregg: it a concrete floor and heater and that was the extent in college. it seems like the colleges and universities are trying to compete with one another for status and prestige which only drives up the cost? >> i think they got the values misplaced. what they are about is teaching people basic skills so they have a good general education and think critically and earn a living. they have been involved in a lot of activities and the faculty is not the only to blame. how to measure it is how little you teach. we teach less and less. so we have faculty who are already busy but not busy about teaching but serving on
1:24 pm
committees, redesigning the curriculum every year. in almost 20 years i've been at maryland, we redesigning the mba curriculum. the universities are not very well managed. i spent a lot of time with corporate ceos, i can tell you universities are not getting the best talent. >> gregg: well said. we'll leave it at that. peter morrisey, good to see you. >> arthel: new attack in benghazi, libya. the same place where four americans were killed including u.s. ambassador. we'll tell you which country was targeted this time. as president obama gets ready to kick off the second term, some of his top cabinet picks could face a tough battle. how much political capital the president has to get to get them confirmed. the capital one cash rewards card
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>>. >> arthel: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, russia's foreign minister calling on syrian rebels to open a dialogue. 60,000 people have been killed there. >> benjamin netanyahu saying he will move ahead with a construction of a new jewish settlement in the west bank. following the successful palestinian bid for united nations recognition as non-member state. >> arthel: a card carrying italian council coming under fire. the vehicle was armored and the constul escaped unharmed. >> gregg: some of these companies are taking a pro-active approach to cyber warfare by hiring consultants.
1:30 pm
dominic is following the story from west coast bureau. >> reporter: it really is the f.b.i. as the consecutive order to lead the defense against cyber terrorism but companies have come up with ways to thwart attacks. favorite maneuver to feed wrong information to the hackers to make it doubted what they are dealing with, it confuses them and renderers what they get worthless. this is one effort to combat china and russia who is suspected of bringing down critical infrastructure in the united states. >> if this was physical world and paratroopers descended over silicon valley and guys repelled down ropes and went in and grabbed computers and ran out, there would be missiles flying but it happens every day in the cyber security space. where they come and steal everything and off to some other
1:31 pm
country they go. >> that intellectual property could include plans for weapons systems and products, track is torsion is one target. computer chips and anything that makes america competitive. the sophisticated software that attacks our critical infrastructure is hidden on home computers every day with american citizens to one-day strike. but the better answer the experts say is to make these systems more isolated. we really become too dependent on the connected world, too many using internet at home and making the country vulnerable. >> gregg: thanks. >> arthel: president obama shaking up his cabinet as he gets set to kick off his second term but three of his top picks could face tough nomination.
1:32 pm
chuck hagel will have to answer questions about past comments he made about israel and gays. and john brennan picked to lead the c.i.a. will have to answer questions to link to enhanced interrogation techniques during the bush administration. jeff sessions and others coming out against jack lew for treasury-secretary. sessions says he believes lew 2010 budget testimony before congress was, quote, the most colossal misrepresentation in history. listen. >> i just had one vote on it. i do think the senate needs to push back against this idea that people can come before our committee and say anything they want to inaccurately and two years later want to be promoted to a higher office in our country really in the world.
1:33 pm
the secretary of treasury and we shouldn't treat that lightly. he needs to be held to account in my opinion. >> arthel: in order to get these nominees appointed, will president obama l have on to expend a lot of capital? former outreach director for john mckay and christy is director of new heights communications. good to see both of you. christy, i'm going to start with you today. should the senate check their concern for higher -- should they focus on checks and balances and go through with tough, full questioning even if it causes more political strife? >> no, they shouldn't. i would say what we're seeing now is political feeder and like
1:34 pm
congress has something like a single digital approval level. chuck hagel has a 95% chance of getting his nomination through. brennan and lew have higher percentage than that. what the republican party has been doing up to this point is saying that they have a fight with pretty much every single one of president obama's nominations. not because they are not qualified or not because they are conservative enough. we are talking about republican nominations just because they are people who have been nominated by the president. >> i couldn't disagree with you more. i couldn't disagree with you more. the bottom line president obama has shown himself to be a combative president and no interest in bipartisan compromise. these picks shows that nuclear iran is a threat to israel and he doesn't seem to think we need to put in checks important spending $16.4 trillion debt.
1:35 pm
i think the american public needs to know who is going to be running the president and executes his policies on day to day on fiscal matters and national security. i think this is good thing. i think the senate should definitely scrutinize it. >> arthel: you heard senator sessions, declaring that jack lew must never become treasury-secretary. how does lew make it through the senate hearings? >> i think that slew going to have to come forward and explain to people how you can stand up in front of congress and say that the president's budgeted which we really don't have is to say how it doesn't add to our national debt and deficit when we are going to be at $20 trillion by 2016. jack lew has a lot to answer for but if every democrat votes for him, he needs five republicans to vote for him.
1:36 pm
senator sessions is a measured guy. when he makes a comment like this, i really think the senate should pay attention. >> arthel: we're going to go a little bit down the list. john brennan who is the choice leader. c.i.a. lindsay graham saying they shouldn't confirm until the administrationlab rates the attacks in benghazi. how do you see this playing out? >> i think john brennan is going to have the easiest time getting his nomination through. there will be a the couple tough questions from benghazi and also talking about enhanced interrogation procedures. ultimately those are things that happened under the bush administration. we don't torture anymore. i believe brennan is going to have a significantly and i think at the end of the day the nominations are going to saim through. >> arthel: go ahead. >> i love it when progressives
1:37 pm
against bush on drones and git more and everything else and doctor gitmor and now more boots on the ground and drones in the air, they are okay with it. i think lew is going to have the hardest time. with brennan and hagel, with a comes out about israel and iran comes forward but i expect a knocked out, dragged out fight over jack lew. >> arthel: in terms of approach, how can congress improve on the ratings or is possible to make it worse. the president has an approval rating of 52%. is there anything in this process that could tarnish his reputation? >> sure. congress has something, let's remember this president has been elected by fairly comfortable margins.
1:38 pm
the fact is historically presidents have had the opportunity to choose the people they want for the cabinet post barring some rare situation. harriet miers nomination of supreme court. the things that congress could learn, don't fight for the sake of fighting. >> senate republicans need to scrutinize the picks and carefully and wisely let's get to the point. the president does not think iran is a threat to the israel and he has no interest in cutting spending in $16.4 trillion debt, basically the cost of gutting the military. president obama needs to get serious about structural entitlement reform and i hope that is what these hearings point out. >> arthel: i'm out of time.
1:39 pm
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>>. >> gregg: after his arrest, rod blagojevich's face appeared all over the world regrettably but now his wife patty is shoog suing one chicago radio station for use his face on a billboard. >> any citizen is entitled to be compensated for the use of their name, image or likeness for
1:44 pm
commercial purposes by a third party for their commercial gain. >> the speech about a governor, an elected public official in the wake of his conviction for serious crimes. to suggest that people can't talk about him, use his name, criticize him, applaud him in a public forum without paying him, i mean that is sort strikes me as wrong. >> gregg: does she have a case? joining me is rich ally david schwartz. let me say we have not been able to get our hands on the lawsuit itself, but i'm assuming here that she is suing on his behalf as a representative for him. let's not talk about standing to sue but is this billboard protected free speech or commercial speech which has less protection and require a release from blago or compensation?
1:45 pm
>> that is the distinction, gregg. i think it is commercial speech. this is billboard meant to market a radio station. it's meant to promote a radio station. they are not reporting on the news. they are not using him for a newsworthy purpose. they are using him to market their radio station therefore it's commercial and they need a license. >> gregg: what about this. supreme court has said this it depends on why you are using an image, such as a commercial purpose you have to have permission. if it is for informational purposes for news you don't. but the case is over. there is no news, isn't it clear that this billboard is to get people to listen to the radio station? >> yes. i think that is true, but i think the issue here for me more is why? i think this case is less about justice and more about patty's
1:46 pm
keeping her 30 minutes of fame here. illinois has the right of publicity act which protects people. in this case he was news and he is news. what silz doing and still unsettled law here because this act just recently passed. they have a balance test, free speech under the first amendment versus unauthorized commercialized use of somebody in it. this guy is news. i think is case is phony and i don't think it's going anywhere. >> gregg: i'm not sure. david, this reminds me of the famous abdul jabar case. general motors ad about oldsmobile, jabar is winner and so is old more bill. the court ruled this. we'll put it up on the screen. although the advertisement provided information, the overall effect was commercial and required permission.
1:47 pm
isn't this just the same case. >> you've got the wrong one up. you've got namath. it's the same one. its case by case, each set of facts needs to be looked at. clearly when you see the image of rod blagojevich up on a billboard promoting a radio station and also have to look at the facts in the case also. the fact that one of the people from the radio station even express they had were using it that their ratings jumped. there is no question it's a commercial purpose and there is no newsworthy function whatsoever. >> gregg: they put up the namath case but it's instructive. it said it defines what news and information really is. it informs and educates, it expresses an opinion and they cited newspapers and magazines
1:48 pm
and informational websites and books. but that is not the case here, is it? >> i think you could make an argument that it is. it's a news station. they are saying he didn't listen. maybe you should and you'll be informed and same thing may not happen to you. >> gregg: what is newsworthy about that. it has nothing to do with his job as governor. >> his existence at the time in the state, when this was going on was news in itself would be the argument that i think would be the strongest here. i think also not to be able to speaking about him, talking about him, referencing him, should they have gotten clearance from his family to use his image? sure, but who is going to care. >> gregg: a judge is going to care. >> there is a reason we have these laws, gregg. >> the maximum damages in a case like this is $1,000 or proof of actual damages.
1:49 pm
in the case you are not going to be getting it. >> gregg: if their ratings went up and revenue went up that is measure of damages, isn't it? >> it's his brand. they are using his brand to profit. >> gregg: my producer is giving me a hard wrap. good to see you. >> arthel: florida senator marco rubio lashing out at president obama. he says the president has made it nearly impossible for any fresh debate to take place. is he right? with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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>>. >> arthel: north dakota senator marco rubio is laying out his own plan nor immigration recommend. he criticizes the president for executive orders on the issue. he said it would are difficult to keep the conversation going because conservatives have been painted as anti-hispanic and anti-immigration. joining us is chief of talk radio news service and radio talk show host and fox news contributor. >> happy new year. >> santita you will go first. the senator's assessment is spot
1:54 pm
on or is there room for negotiations to move immigration policy forward? >> i think there is room for negotiation but we have to throw the partisanship out of the window. this is an american dilemma. the fact is half of all illegal immigrants come here ellie and they overstay their -- they come here and legally and they overstay their visas. what we need to do is figure out a way to legally bring people into the country. we can raise the bar but we don't need to erect the barrier. >> she says this isn't next necessarily about politics but about people. how crucial is it? in terms crucial for the senator to be out in front for immigration reform considering the republican party needs to get more latinos in its camp?
1:55 pm
how does rubio make sure they just aren't window dressing? >> i think he is the perfect person to be spearheading this. his hispanic heritage makes it authentic. back in 2007 you saw john mccain introducing it and he wasn't trusted by the hispanic community. they didn't look at him as being authentic. i think cube yeo can make a difference this time and pairs with ted crews and obama could do himself a favor if he enlists the help of these border state governors. guys like rick perry, susan martinez and jan brewer and marco rubio, as well. one thing he is not doing in his proposal that he is probably going to unveil later this year, there is no mention of border security at all. >> arthel: okay, because that is going to veer off.
1:56 pm
you touched on something that i want to bring santita in on this. that president obama should reach out to some of the border governors like perry and regardless of party. what do you say about that? >> i said at the top of segment they come here legally. where are the borders really? of course, we're for the border governors they have an interest in protecting borders but we also have to look at our intake. if you have people that visit this country who just come here and stay and homeland security can't track them, come on, what is going on here? i think the system is broken. let me finish. that is what we need to do. we need to talk with each other. i think you have a lot of people that need to come to the table, democrats and republicans, people who are one generation
1:57 pm
removed from being immigrants themselves or many generations into the united states. let's just have a real conversation about how we can get these people into our country and have them legally become citizens. >> i don't think a person like that understands that sees the impact. if you look at rick perry, high understands real human being and doesn't have any draconian theories how to solve the problem. you need a comprehensive situation but you need to enlist republicans to solve the problem. i think rubio, his idea is basically the same as obamas. >> arthel: we'll leave it there. we'll be back in a moment. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful?
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>> welcome to a brand new our inside america's news headquarters, heather is off. >>gregg: great to have you. and topping the news, gun rights as secretaries making their voices heard as vice president biden prepares to deliver the gun control recommendations to the president. >> president obama's nominations for critical posts may face the fight of their lives. does the president have the capital to get them confirmed? >>gregg: tonight is hollywood's unofficial kickoff of the award season. our golden globes expert is here with his predictions for big
2:02 pm
winners and losers. >> we have a fox news alert. knifers over the shortage of flu advantage seen in the united states sick americans are overcrowding emergency rooms and the centers for disease control issuing dire health warnings as the flu outbreak is reaching epidemic levels. we are like in new york with more. >> nationally public health officials say some places are experiencing shortages. patients have to wait on shipments to come in but physicians urge americans to persist because vaccine is still according to the centers for disease control and prevention it is 62 percent effective in preventing flu and it takes two weeks to work. now is the time to get the shot. 130 million doses of flu vaccine have been distributed. so far at least 112 million have been used.
2:03 pm
hospitals around the country have seen spikes in flu-related admission and deaths compared to last few years. the strain this year is particularly nasty making people sicker for longer. employers are doing what they can to keep the workforce healthy and encouraging employees to wear mask. wash your hands often and disinfect surfaces such as computers and cell phone. it is spread on lanes and trains and commonplaces such as atm and the gas pump handle. >> all this leads to a higher viral transmission rate. it is easy to get it from surfaces people have coughed on, that touched after they have coughed but the best measure at any time is to perform good hand hygiene. >> the flu is wide-spread in 47 states: mississippi, california, and hawaii are the only state
2:04 pm
not seeing a wide-spread outbreak which is designed not only to help patients to get the so the but helps the entire community because fewer spread the virus. some hospitals are telling all employees they have to get the shots and some have lost their jobs other refusing to do so. >>gregg: amazing. thank you very much, anna. >> great is new push back from gun rights supporters turning out in full force outside a popular gun show if -- in upstate new york drawing in dozens of gun control advocates. listen. >> this was an opportunity for us to stand up against gun violence. >> i have two small children and sympathize with what happened but unfortunately a lot of times you have a tragedy like that you have an emotional reactionary response. >> this is not a black and white issue. everyone is against massacre. >> they want to prevent the gun
2:05 pm
violence. everyone here wants to prevent gun violence. >> this debate playing out in the capitol where vice president biden will present a list of gun control recommendations to president obama on tuesday. peter doocy is live in washington with more. >>peter: the national rifle association president said today he does not think an assault weapons ban could pass congress. senator john mccain doesn't think it could either and john mccain explained this morning why he doesn't think an assault weapons ban should pass congress and he used the overseas example of mass murderer. >> we obviously have a situation where crazy people, deranged individuals, have access to guns. how do you do that? in norway, a country with the most stringent gun laws, a guy was able to slaughter a huge number of people in norway.
2:06 pm
we need to look at it in the entirety. >> senator john mccain does not believe taking guns away from people will reduce gun violence but he thinks public safety would improve by figuring out a way to keep guns out of the hands of deranged individuals something that the democratic senator murphy agrees with but murphy wants to go further with a strict assault weapons ban. he described that legislation this morning. >> it is a tighter ban than the previous ban. it will address high capacity bans. as soon as we passed that ban in 1990's the gun manufacturers found another way around it and other states have stricter bans and that is what the congress needs to do. >> in two days, the task force led by vice president biden is going to give president obama their list of legislative recommendations they think could reduce gun violence.
2:07 pm
the vice president indicated the president could use an executive order to implement some safety measures but republican senator graham said today that such an executive order would encounter bipartisan opposition. >> thank you, peter doocy. fox news is taking a closer look at gun control debate. tonight, our very own hannity has a one hour special including new reaction from the new yorkers outed by the journal news for having gun permits at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >>gregg: they "outed" those who do not have guns and permits which is compounding a felony, if you will. >> the honeymoon is over before it started. president obama hasn't even publicly been inaugurated for the second term and there is growing opposition to the second term agenda. jennifer griffin has more from
2:08 pm
the pentagon. >> first, there will be the confirmation battle. some will be bruising nothing more so than the pick for defense secretary, chuck hagel. the hearings could start this week. the white house mounted a vigorous defense. hagel says his record on israel, iran, and gays in the military has been distorted. senate armed services committee republican said what worried her most is the reaction from iran. >> i want to make sure that iran is actually not hopeful but they are fearful as a result of our nominee for secretary secretaryf defense. >> former chair of the joint chiefs and secretary of state powell gave his backing to hagel today even though then senator hagel was one of the largest critics of the iraq war that powell helped sell to the american people. hagel later tried to stop the surge in iraq calling it the biggest foreign policy blunder since vietnam. >> he is superbly qualified
2:09 pm
based on the overall record and service to the country and how he feels about troops and veterans and families. >> the president is gearing up for a fight on three key issues gun control, defense budget cuts and immigration reform. on immigration he looks likely to be able to get more bipartisan support with republicans such as senator rub i rubio proposing a path to citizenship for the 12 million illegal immigrants. >>gregg: thank you, jennifer. >> frightening scene at a movie theater. police shooting and critically wounding a suspected gunman hiding inside. the man confronted his girlfriend in a park lot before pulling a handgun and ducking into the theater. police searched theater by theater. a witness described the chaos. >> they checked the back door. it was locked. they did not talk to us.
2:10 pm
that was not good. suddenly, i heard to shots. i went to the floor. i went out the back of the theater. we saw police running around. >> no moviegoers were hurt. the suspect gunman is expected to survive. >>gregg: a year since the deadly shipwreck off the coast of italy with survivors and families of the 32 victims recognize those lost with a memorial service at the crash site. a retired couple from minnesota were among those killed. the captain is suspected of running the ship aground and abandoningship before all passengers were evacuated and he could face manslaughter charges if the prosecutors decide to indict him later this month. >> a fox news extreme weather alert. incredible images from the
2:11 pm
international space station. is rare glimpse of the devastation of a rash of fires in australia. and our meteorologist has new information on extreme weather in the united states. maria: that is right, we have a brand new tornado warning in tennessee associated with the large storm system or strong cold front that has had a history of producing tore anyway activity. yesterday we had a confirmed tornado in kentucky with confirmed as es-2 tornado with max winds of 120 miles per hour and now a new warning in portions of rutherford and middle, tennessee, and south central wilson county in middle tennessee. seek shelter. one of the storms is associated with a cold front could produce a tornado right now in your area. seek shelter in a basement or the most interior room of the home. a storm is also producing other
2:12 pm
concerns with flooding across ohio, kentucky, tennessee, and portions of mississippi and across louisiana. we had a number of flood warnings in effect up to 3 or 4" reported in a short amount of time so the ground will be saturated and you have flooding recording. flash flood warning in western tennessee, so flooding is occurring now. that is what "warning" means so it is reported in kentucky and northern ohio. the storm is not done. we expect it to stall out across positions of mississippi, tennessee, and the state of virginia the next several days. expect three, four, or five inches in the areas especially where we have the yellow in virginia and northeast louisiana. that is additional rainfall on top of what you already have in many of the areas. the notes will have areas of drizzle and heavy rain in some spots tonight and into tomorrow.
2:13 pm
several days out here across the east, muggy and humid, and balmy temperatures above average, at 467 right now in new york city, 43 in cleveland, but, the colder air to the west will move eastward and you will feel the chill in the northeast. minneapolis is eight degrees but with the wind it feels colder. high temperature tomorrow in minneapolis? only 11 degrees. 17 in denver. cool in chicago at 27 degrees. over in tampa, 88 -- 82 in tampa. >> thank you. >>gregg: escalating tension in asia as japan stages a full-scale military exercise simulating the defense of islands at the center of a dispute with china. >> what happens in vegas stays
2:14 pm
in vague as -- unless the chips are down for a big casino on the streak. >>greg: you got my attention. which country is the happiest place on earth? where does the united states rank? that is next. [ roasting firewood ] ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go.
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>>gregg: and now a quick check of the headlines. officials in connecticut are deciding what to do with the sandy hook elementary school, the scene of the mass murder of 26 people including 20 children. some people are calling for the building to be demolished. >> japan airlines saying a grounded boeing 787 dreamliner undergoing testing in tokyo is leaking fuel after a fuel leak at a boston airport last week. >> in las vegas the company that owns "the palms" says it will pay $1 million in fines. why? it seems employees were caught providing customers with prostitutes and drugs. >> the united states is out of the top ten when it comes to the happiest countries. last year we were number ten. this year we have slipped to 12.
2:19 pm
are we just feeling low? we have former chief economist for the united states international trade commission. hello, peter. it is the first time, how does we slip? what did we do wrong? >> welcome buckley said socialism is a system that makes us all equally miserable. welcome to the america of obama. 25-year-old children living with parents, elderly begging for groceries because they cannot afford their own retirement. i am not surprised. things have not been going well the last five years. >> let's pull up a survey here. this is a prosperity survey. in is the top ten places to live from number one is norway. then denmark. sweden. australia. new zealand. canada. finland.
2:20 pm
here is the deal. how do we climb back to the top ten, peter? >>peter: start growing and competing more effectively. all of these places compete effectively. it is not whether they have big or small government. some have big government but what they have that we don't: effective government that delivers services at a reasonable price. the youngs have national health care. they do it for 50 percent less than we do. their taxes are not so high or their taxes go do help them opposed to paying for mindless bureaucracy. >> norway is number one. peter, will you renounce your citizenship or america still the best country to live? >> why would i renounce being an american? i have great hope and faith in our country. my feeling is we are the most innovative society and welcomes everyone including my
2:21 pm
grandfather, a cigar maker if lower manhattan in 1902. this is the greatest place to be in the world. we will get through it. we may need new leadership to do it but we will get there. >> i will read this from gerri willis saying the primary reason for the slip in the ranking decline in the number of united states citizen would believe hard work will get them ahead. you say what, peter? >>peter: she is right. when a president manages to get himself elected by having half of the population pay no taxes and saying i will give you new benefits, by taxing more of the 1 percent because we have a lot of envy and we are jealous, that will encourage people not to work and it will encourage people to have a bad state of mind whether they are paying the taxes or benefiting from the taxes it sends the wrong signal. when you have a president that guides the nation the way this president does, we are going to
2:22 pm
have a lot of unhappy people and a lot people that don't want to work. >> thank you, peter. nice bow tie. >>peter: glad you like it. >>gregg: i am all surprised over all the scandinavian countries because they are so dark, don't they have serious depression problems? >> i have been there and i need sunshine. >>gregg: i am not buying that top ten thing. >> america is number one. >>gregg: i am with you. the long knives are out on capitol hill with president obama's nominees are ready for confirmation hearings. will they all get confirmed? our political insiders weigh in on their chances coming up next. >> hollywood's award season kicks into full gear and we will tell you who likely will take home the gold.
2:23 pm
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on a 2013 nissan sentra. ♪ time for the to which the news, a french official is saying the united states is helping france in a battle against islamic militants in the west african country of mali. the united states is providing communications and transportation assistance. patricia cornwell in a legal drama suing her former accounting firm and business manager for negligence and breach of contract. >> japan staging a full-scale military drill aimed at bolstering defense against territorial dispute with china. both china and japan have laid claim to a group of uninhabited
2:28 pm
items located in the east china sea. >> the united states is a prime target for cyber attacks. foreign hackers have a new target if their crosshairs: private american companies. some of the companies are taking a proactive approach to cyber warfare by hiring cyber security consultants. dominic is joining us live from the los angeles bureau with more. dominic? >>reporter: this how is back after iran's denial of attacking ten united states banks. security experts saying iran has joined china in russia in attempting to bring down critical infrastructure. they warn that more traditional groups such as fundamentalists are attempting to attack. take a listen. >> for many years they have tried to impact us through bombs and the like and they see cyber as a new threat and a new tool for them. they are starting to adopt it,
2:29 pm
calling for electronic jihad. they recognize our country is the on an infrastructure that is inherently insecure. >> that is the challenge here. can companies start from scratch building isolated systems that protect our power supply, banking, and phone networks? one is warning we have to uncouple the networks from the wider internet and the f.b.i. and internet wage their own war. >> what is being done offensively is something we do not really know. defensively in terms of what we are doing, we are, in fact, more vulnerable than a lot of the world but a large reason of that is because our society has become so much more dependent on information technology. >> the priority, really, is to identify the enemy. that will be extremely hard to do when often the attacks are
2:30 pm
trying to hide software that hides for years and is activated when the attack attacker wants to attack and is just lying in wait. >> thank you, dominic. >>gregg: president obama's cabinet for the secretary term coming in to sharper focus now with the naming of four crucial positions. that is the easy part. now, the nominees have to go through confirmation. given the controversy on capitol hill this could be rough sailing. get ready for their town in the hot seat. jack lew foe treasury secretary, and chuck hagel for the pentagon, and john kerry for secretary of state and bolton for c.i.a. will they all be confirmed? we have john leboutillier, former congressman from new york, and pat caddell, former pollster for president jimmy
2:31 pm
carter, and doug schoen, form pollster for bill clinton. john kerry has a lock. he is a member the boys' club. the others? >> there will be issues and challenges with all three. if i had to bet i bet they all are confirmed and that hagel will be the toughest but ultimately will get through. the larger issue, with brennan going to c.i.a. and with jack lew going to treasury this is the effective consolidation of the white house and the president directly over treasury and c.i.a. and c.i.a. nominally an independent agency. >>gregg: these are corner -- cronies? >> yes and it is worrisome. >>gregg: pat, especially hagel who has said to republicans, troubling things about iran, hamas, hezbollah.
2:32 pm
>> said troubling things to democrats and not just republicans and he will be the most problematic. we see president obama and his chief of staff will either be biden's or the deputy of tom donnalyn, all white males, to drop the mask of pretense of bipartisanship, pushing the agenda through and the discussion each of them is what we can do in terms of ignoring the law. but hagel has real problems. >> john, you have pointed out that republicans are in disarray. does that make it impossible for them to oppose the nominations? >> it makes it harder. the big thing here, the president is consolidating his power and exerting his influence on all the departments.
2:33 pm
he is entitled to do it but there is no opposition to it. there is no other side. the republicans are crumbling. we have a poll we will put up, the heart of the republican coalition is tea party movement, it is down to only 8 percent of american people from 24 in april of 2010 so that is self-inflicted political suicide. they have shrunk themselves down. the republican narrative, against obama, is not existent. that's the vacuum the president can operate in. >> part of what you want in a secretary of defense it strike me, doug, is judgment. hagel says of the surge in iraq it is the most dangerous foreign blunder since vietnam and, of course, the surge worked so does it call into question on a critical issue his judgment? >> it does. i go a step further. since he has been willing to engage with hamas and hezbollah,
2:34 pm
since he is opposed not only to the surge in iraq but, also, in afghanistan, he really is for a retreat of american interests around the world. as a republican he is doing the bidding of the democratic left and in that sense it is a change in philosophy, i think, from what has been the prevailing consensus in american foreign policy. >>gregg: he is ridiculed as an appeaser. that could be unfair. >> let's acknowledge what a hero he was in vietnam i am tires of the excuse, because he serve the honor bring in vietnam and i can name you many who did not who have been in government, but that is somehow a "pass." we are talking about his policy ideas. he is a walking vietnam syndrome which is the notion, and, by the way, it speaks to my belief president obama's actual policy he wants to withdraw from the
2:35 pm
world and also not supporting israel and, most importantly, and by the way the biggest issue of all, the one i have polls on out the ears, where 80 percent of the american people are concerned about iran, and iran, if they necessity his views they are toxic for the american people. >>gregg: on more than one occasion chuck hagel has said things regarded anti-israel which invites the question is he too soft on iran and too hard on israel? >> first of all, here is what i predict will happen. when we get close to the hearings he will go and do the courtesy calls on the senate, he goes office to office to office to see each senator. these guys very good at letting the senator who will decide soften things up and he will walk back some of the comments, and when it is offer there will be less white hot opposition. >> can we talk about liw. did you hear jeff sessions
2:36 pm
lighting into him saying his testimony was a lie on capitol hill before sessions committee. >> i think, though, that lew will be confirmed. there is opposition to him on policy there is not the opposition that hagel is facing. i know lew. he is a good guy. the problem is he is fronting for policies that are not dealing with the debt or the deficit. >> another gold man sacks guy who made a lot of money while the company was being raped. the real problem with lew, he represents the president's worst instincts, he scuttled the deal in 2011 by the introduction of more taxes and he says no, and this is obama on steroids to the left. he is pushing the country in a place that he doesn't have a
2:37 pm
mandate for but high has no opposition to stop. >> let me say one thing, the shame of these picks is they small. they are inside the beltway, they are small, they are political hacks, where the president wanted to be a transformational president. he has been re-elected. not many presidents in history are two term presidents and he can be a successful president if he does something great. the great thing he could do for a liberal democrat, is save the social safety net from financial collapse. he had the chance to do it and he still has a chance. >> others would have brought some imagination. the opposite of reagan. >> gentleman, hang in here we will come back to new a second. outgoing secretary of state, hillary clinton, may not have a
2:38 pm
clear road to the white house if she runs for president in 2016 with a brand new poll showing one republican may pose a formidable challenge. we will tell you who it is coming up. stick an. aspirin, really? i haven't thought about aspirin for years. aspirin wouldn't really help my headache, i don't think. aspirin is just old school. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey,
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>>gregg: president obama could take matters in his own hand on gun control and not require congressional approval. a poll asks americans who should authorize gun ownership law and 44 percent say the federal government and 29 percent say state government and 12 percent say the authority belongs to local governments and 16 percent are not sure. where is the debate going if the president acts on his own which he could possibly do. we will bring back our guests. my guess is he will issue another executive issue.
2:43 pm
who needs congress? >> that is the thing. congress is not that popular. but we do have have in our constitution the separation of powers. i am a supporter of gun control i am nervous about an effort to bypass the congress. >>gregg: i am not sure anyone in the white house has read the constitution. >> we had a discussion of the $1 translate platinum coin to make a magic coin and make the deficit go away and the white house was seriously considering that. but now treasury says they are now doing that. this is madness what we have going on. today, some are saying the president should ignore the law and same on gun control. we are not a dictatorship. some of the actions border on being a banana republic or worse. we have now had people saying the law doesn't matter.
2:44 pm
on gun control, they miss the boat. without a big solution that involves schools, mental health, violence, and guns. >> is the republican party on the hot seat? there is a lot of pressure on the white house, capitol hill and the media. >> they are but it is on assault weapons. that is, really, the point. it is unreasonable to put a 10-year ban on assault weapons. >> it is reasonable but get a national consensus for doing that and background checks and the high capacity magazines off. >> we have seen the polls that the wisdom of the people is way ahead of the politicians. they know mental health, the nutty kids sitting in front of a computer watching violent games --. >> the study on assault weapons said it had no impact. >> my daughter welcomes three children under the age of seven, they is worried about security in the schools, too.
2:45 pm
>>gregg: flipping to what could happen in 2016. coming out with the public policy polling hillary clinton well in the lead among democrats and the only republican that is even close is chris christie. look a jeb bush, he is substantially behind at 37 percent, rubio, also, at 37 percent, weigh in. >> well, here is what we seeing. chris christie because of his bipartisanship during hurricane sandy, speaking his mind, but reaching across the aisle has a constituency in the republican party and i daresay in the nation, that is unique. that is what pat was speaking to when he talked about the wisdom of the american people. >>gregg: his problem is he is too glib. >> but the speech was overly impacted, and he seeks to this other problems, including the disconnect and he is the only
2:46 pm
one who is out of washington that people are looking at. >> i caution everyone about, it is a long way appear, three years. >> but it is interesting how many undecided. but with chris christie it could wear thin over a long period of time. a republican primary, voters have long memories, they are elephants and they remember the convention speech was pro christie, not pro romney and at crunch time in the campaign he helped himself more than he helped romney. there is doubt about christie. he helped obama. >>gregg: two other polls, and one is fun but first the not so fun, 77 percent of americans look at this and think that washington is causing the country serious harm.
2:47 pm
and a poll finds that congress is less popular than nickel back, a canadian, post grunge rock group but if you include margin of errors, congress is tied with cockroaches. >> we have a sense when we see in the last few weeks that congress does far more harm than good on a lost issues and you have a colonoscopy it is not pleasant but it gives a necessary result and i am hard pressed to see what we get from washington. >> root canal is the same. the alienation against the political class in washington, congress at the forefront, it is unprecedented now. yet we do not really speak to it in american politics. where is congress? where they should be: at home. >>gregg: i shifted when you said colonoscopy but, look,
2:48 pm
final word, john, what does this really say about our political system? >> what it says is, obviously, people of disgusted with both parties, the whole thing, they cannot stand the bickering and they are looking if someone to come along who is above it and better than it, and a little bit of what pat said, that chris christie tried to speak government. >> they want people to come together to solve problems, end the political fighting and consolidation of power. >> but they want it on their side rather than the side of a political platform which is what is wrong with no labels, a bunch of insiders pretending to be bipartisan. >>gregg: gentleman, our political insiders thank you very much, you and get more at 10:30 a.m. eastern on monday and you can follow them on twitter at fm insiders and we have golden globe predictions ahead.
2:49 pm
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>>gregg: the stage is set for the biggest stars making their way for the 70th golden globes. ought best pay is are the hosts f tonight is anything like 2011 emmys when they turned the best
2:53 pm
actress category in for a faux beauty pageant we are in for fun. we have now the predictions. >> nice to see you. >>gregg: best picture in a drama? >> what a lineup, django unchained, life of pie, lincoln and zero dark thirty, a race between argo and lincoln, want out for argo, the hollywood foreign press that votes on these liked argo more, it was come peopling and captivating. they liked "lincoln" but these are foreign journalists and had a hard time following it and not as interesting as argo so it has a chance but watch out for argo. >> if lincoln gets best picture who gets best director? >> ben affleck no question, he won a globe 15 years ago foe "good will hunting" and he and matt damon went on to win the
2:54 pm
oscar. he was nominateed so he cannot win but tonight he will get a big standing ovation. >> and talking individuals and their success, what about daniel day-lewis. >> he is -- he has won before. he did not win the golden globe for "my left foot" but lost to tom cruise. he is out front. the others are great but --. >> best actress, zero dark thirty comes in to place, the heroine is acclaim and great actress. she will win. the chance for zero dark thirty to win a major award. >> and best picture for comedy? >> it comes down to les miserables and silver linings playbook, watch for les miserables, the foreign press loves musicals, including
2:55 pm
"chicago" and that type. hugh jackman will win for best actor in a commie. >>gregg: best actress? >> jennifer lawrence. >> she was fabulous. >> i liked the film. watch for a showdown for the best actress oscar between her and chastain. will a dark horse come in? we will find out in february. >> now actor or the ladies? >>gregg: what do you think is going to translate over to the oscars? compare the globes and the oscars. is one a lead to the other in. >> the globes are voted on by the hollywood foreign press a group of 90 journalist whose cover hole road for overseas publications and the academy award are voted on by 6,000 who vote in the industry. no overlap. but about 65 percent of oscar
2:56 pm
winners wog the globe first. so winning the globe you get a bump, it is a chance to audition for the oscars so give a great speech and make it seem like it is your year, so like a campaign speech. >>gregg: now, my try to stump you. we do this every year. you know it all on the trivia. i have a couple of things. the only film that has won all final golden globes in the major categories picture, actor, actress? >> wasn't that "cuckoo's nest." two others, won "it happened one night" and "silence of the lamb" in 1991. >> actor and actress with the high evidence individual nominations? >> meryl streep and nicholson.
2:57 pm
>> meryl streep 25, and 24 for jack lemmon. >> only three way tie was what? >> best actress of 1998, in a drama, jodie foster and gorillas in the mist, and shirley mcclain. >> youngest winner? >> it was...ricky schroeder but it was not a competitive category. >> the best. ever. thank you mr. chan. have a great week.
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